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General Information for Expats (Internationals)
in Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Nijmegen is a city situated in the province of Gelderland near the east border of the Netherlands with Germany. It has won the competition to be the oldest city in the Netherlands and celebrated its 2000th year of existence in 2005 (The other competent for this title was the city of Maastricht in the south of the country near the Belgian border).

Most of the Internationals Work/study at one of the following organisations:
  • NXP - NXP Semiconductors (Old Philips Semiconductors)
  • RUN - Radboud University Nijmegen
  • UMC - St Radboud University Medical Centre
  • HAN - Hogeschool of Arnhem & Nijmegen
  • Hospitals in Nijmegen:

    • UMC- University Medical Centre St Radboud
    • CWZ - Canisius-Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis
    • Huisartsenpost: Emergency Doctor in Nijmegen (Dutch)
    • Urgent Dentist: Call phone 024 - 3244200 to get the phone number & address of the dentist in service!

    Grocery stores in Nijmegen:

    Put your postcode in the search box to see the nearest shop to you!

    I - International, G - General.
    A detailed list of international stores can be found on this page.

    Check out these low-budjet stores before you go other places if you need some stationary/items and even food from your own country!

  • Xenos (G) Home/Kitchen articles etc.
  • Action (G) Tools, house articles etc.
  • Second-hand shops in Nijmegen:

    We recommend re-use:
    • Online: Markt Plaats (G)
    • Stichting Overal (G)
    • Het Goed (G)
    • De Slegte (B)
    • Habbekrats Twedehands Warenhuis, In de Betouwstr 17, 6511GB, Nijmegen (G)
    • Het Hoekje Tweedehands Goederen, Ir. Wevestraat 20, 6512 JV Nijmegen (G)
    • Wheels Fietskoophandel, St. Annastraat 42, 024 323 0158 (Bikes)
    • Bike Totaal @ Radboud campus, Geert Grooteplein Zuid 22, 6525 GA Nijmegen (Bikes)
    • De Concurrent, van Trieststraat 23 (corner: Stijn Buysstraat), 6512 CW NIJMEGEN (Bikes)

    B - Books, C - Computers, G - General.


    You can keep in touch with your loved ones back home easily. There is extensive calling cards avaialble. On top of that, low-cost mobile providers are also around to help you. You should keep in mind that in most cases, a subscription (abonement) is valid atleast for a year and it is difficult to cancel in between. Unless you're staying for long time, a pre-paid mobile is adviseable and is cheap. Here are few who are worth mentioning

    • Currently, Lebara, Lyca or Simyo are the cheapest pre-paid providers.
    • Use Lebara, with Lebara One
    • Simyo - yet another low-cost mobile provider (pre-paid 5 free when joining)
    • Bellen.com - Comparrison site for Telecommunication services
    Lyca was another low-cost provider but check the rates before you buy Lyca.

    Staying (Living) in Nijmegen:

    For information about accomodation (rooms/ studios / apartments/ houses), see the page Living/Stay in Nijmegen.

    Hair Cut:

    A hair dresser is called "Kapper" in Dutch. You can find hair-cutting salons all over the city. Hair Dresser guide - This site lists all hair-cutters in Nijmegen (Dutch).

    Garbage Disposal:

    As in many countries in EU, NL also has special garbage disposal procedures. You have to separate plastic, paper, glass, food remainings & chemical waste separately. Furniture and electronic waste are to be disposed only by calling-in the processing companies. Please ask your house-owner for details or check the Dar site. This site belongs to the garbage disposal company in Nijmegen (Dutch).
    When you buy drinks in plastic/glass bottles looks for the term "statiegeld" in the bill / on the product. If it shows any amount then that is paid as reserve to return the empty bottle for recycling. Return the bottle to the store to get the money back.


    Weather "het weer" is of at most importance to Netherlands due to its low-lying areas. You will see people discussing it everywhere eventhough its considered that its the topic taken when the discussion is boring! To see the weather prediction for Nijmegen: Weer Online. Some say it as a joke to carry an umberlla or a rain coat most of the times of the year!

    Getting around:

    Generally speaking, there is no need for a car in the Netherlands. What is more adequate is a good bycycle. There are extensive bike-routes all around. (BTW, Make sure you got lights on your bike if you go out when its dark! You can get 45 EUR fine for cycling without lights!!). Public transportation is also very good. If you think the train, Dutch Railways (NS), rates are expensive try the "DagKaart" (Day ticket) from one the many shops offering them - Kruidvat, Blokker, AH,... Keep in mind that these are seasonal. You can also check the special online store of NS - Spoordeel Winkel. Or if you're travelling in a group of 4 or more you can consider buying the Group Ticket from NS for your travel. If you plan to travel a lot by train, consider buying the "NS Korting kaart" (Discount card). Limited number of cities are connected by low-cost German carrier FlixBus (e.g. Nijmegen - Rotterdam costs 7EUR). See the following sites to plan your journey:

    • Intercity Bus: FlixBus
    • Travel Planner: 9292-OV - Door-to-door for all country-wide public transports
    • Dutch Railways: NS - Tool to plan your train journey
    • Novio - Site of local Nijmegen bus company
    • Air Travel: Airport Weeze - Nearest Airport (in Germany) with extensive EU destinations
    • German Rail: DB - Due to Nijmegen's close proximity to German border, you can get access to its extensive network from Kleve (DE). You can reach Kleve by public transport: Line SB 58 from NIAG.

    Learning Dutch:

    If you like to learn Dutch, you can go to the city hall and ask for a Dutch course. It will be free if they allow you to study through them. Just tell that you want to do "inburgering" (integration). This is mandatory for everyone coming to Netherlands for long term stay except for visit, study or work.In case they do not allow you to join due to the nature or extend of stay, contact Stichting STEP Nijmegen or ROC for details. You could also find some volunteers who will teach you Dutch.
    "De Opstap" offers afordable Dutch lessons. See link for details: De Opstap
    International Women's center also offers language lessons, only for ladies: IVC
    If you already know basic Dutch, but like to improve your dutch by talking, you can go for a conversation group on Thursdays 14.00-16.00 with the Gilde.

    Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands:

    See the page Touristic Places in the Netherlands

    1. Wiki: Nijmegen
    2. English Site: City of Nijmegen
    3. Churches: English Language Services in Nijmegen
    4. Accomodations : Living in Nijmegen.
    5. Local Attractions: Enjoy Nijmegen
    6. Expatica: Living in the Netherlands
    7. Extensive Student Guide

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